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DIREKTSPEED Loves Opensource and Clearly Says Open Source Matters! as also we are all Ubuntu watching the Markets like a Apache! OUR NGINX are runned via sÿstëmd and all who reading this and understood that the right way are loved too! We are Anonymous, We are Legion, We do not forgive, We do not forget, Expect us! and don't forget the docker and yacy weals! We wear Red Hat! This Line is far away from completion but it contains more then enought to understand it is Paradox (-PDX) Genesis ISO with sharp of RAZOR 1911 powered by OGN (ORIGIN) Lizard Squad, Glitch, #TRADECC, #L2C

We are One

Who we are

DIREKTSPEED - the leading web agency around the world. With our know-how cloud we are able to deliver near anything in realtime so faster then others could even imagin it.

DIREKTSPEED as a user and creator of industrie leading technology continues to drive the state forward, developing industry-leading world class production ready realtime solutions enabling fastest, efficientst delivery of content. Our own sites get served every second to millions of customers worldwide in milisecunds. The Company is committed to enhancing its software stack and grow even faster as the fastest companys that built on innovation and excellence as we do.

With over Many Million Visits per day worldwide, DIREKTSPEED continues its expansion with the acquisition and licensing of some of the most amzing brands in entertainment as also other branches.

DIREKTSPEED is a global industry-leading information technology Organisation headquartered in London, with offices in , Berlin, Hamburg, London, United Arabian Emirates, and Los Angeles.

What we do

Search Engine Marketing


The SEM team increases brand exposure and improves ROI by leveraging proven multi-channel inbound and outbound marketing methods.



The DIREKTSPEED infrastructure is cross multiple global datacenters, and is designed to be secure, reliable at any scale and the fastest.



Our proactive, multi preventiv approach on people, process & technology enables us to protect our assets and our customers.


Anti Fraud

DIREKTSPEED relies on a team of skilled Fraud Analysts to ensure digital purchases are flawless.

Cloud Services Software Stack

Cloud Services

Created to run even the largest, highst trafficked/performance applications, but flexible enough to service apps of all sizes.

Ad Platform


Promotes better monetization for customers looking to reach their target demographic audience easily and quickly.

Media Content Delivery

Media Content Delivery

Our Content Delivery infrastructure follows the DIREKTSPEED credo; Be the fastest availabil.

Data Analysis

Data Analysis

Handling BIG DATA as insightful daily translates into optimized content and better user experiences.

Customer Support Services

Customer Support Services

As a result of our global footprint, DIREKTSPEED operates in several languages to better serve the Company Employs that work on the | Projects which we operate.

We develop with:

Docker Engine